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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book and pay for an artist at my event?
Call us to check on availability and we will add your event to our calendar and send out a contract via email. Once you print and send back a signed copy with your deposit, the date is secured. We can collect the balance at the event or you can prepay. We take checks or credit cards via Paypal.

How much space do you need to set up at an event?

We both work with small portable easels and simply need two or three chairs from the venue and enough room to set those chairs. If the lighting will be dim, place us near an outlet so we can hook up a spotlight. (Same goes for doing digital caricatures or airbrushed caricatures, we will need an outlet nearby.) It is also a good idea to place us away from any large speakers.

I want to book an artist for a trade show--can you incorporate our logo or product into caricatures?
Yes! We have found many inventive ways to showcase many different products. There is the basic option of preprinting a border or your logo on our paper, or drawing subjects using your product, but there are other creative ways to utilize products. We have drawn with plumbers' paint markers at a plumbing show, drawn on shopping bags for paper supply companies, and worked with a variety of pads, tablets, screens, styluses, and other tech at electronics shows. Give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you!

How can I pay for my caricature from a photo?
We email you a preview, and at that time we also can send you an e-invoice from Paypal. Upon payment, we ship out immediately.

Can you work outdoors?
Provided there is no extreme heat advisory or other weather problems, we can happily draw outside, but please provide an area for us in the shade. Las Vegas sun isn’t just dangerously hot, it's also super bright—which tends to make models squint their eyes! And if it's a nighttime event, we will need access to a power outlet so we can hook up a spotlight.

What do you wear to events? What if I have a themed event?
Our standard dress for gigs is black slacks and white or black button-down shirt, sometimes with tie & beret. For outdoor or more casual events, we like to wear khaki pants/shorts and polo tops. If your event requires a special outfit (hawaiian shirts, cowboy attire, medieval garb, etc.), let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Should I create a sign-up sheet so people won't have to wait in line at my event?
Actually, to get the most bang for your buck, avoid sign-up sheets. We will adhere to one if a client insists, but we find that we draw fewer pictures because precious minutes are wasted as the next person on the list is rounded up. People put their names down and then wander off, it never fails. Allowing a short line to form naturally just seems to work best. People can see at a glance how many folks are waiting, and since the drawings take just minutes a piece, no one ever waits too long--and they get more excited as they watch the process take shape for those ahead of them.

If I give you my Facebook page, can you just look through the photo albums and pick some good photos to draw me and my spouse?
Actually, you as the client should pick out the best photos to use. Camera angle, lens, and lighting, along with expression, can make for a perfect photo or a very misleading one. Choose the photo or photos that look most like the person and have the expression you think captures them. The higher the resolution, the better, and photos pulled off the web are a low resolution (72 dpi). Send original jpg files rather than something copied off a web source.

I want my kids drawn together but I can't find a good photo with all of them together. Can you draw from separate pictures?

Yes, of course! Find separate photos of each person and just let us know their relative heights, we can do the rest.

I have a photo that is several years old, and he’s not smiling, and his hair is different. Can you just make him older, imagine he’s smiling, and change his hair in the picture?

I want you to draw a logo for my business, do you do that?

Yes. We have done many logos over the years, especially ones that incorporate caricature elements. An appropriate logo must communicate elegantly and sparingly what you want to project about your business.  We provide consultation, a number of thumbnails, design a final, add revisions, and settle on font and color choices. We deliver final print-ready artwork in a number of variations (including a vector art file if needed) along with a work-for-hire form allowing you to be full owner of the copyright. Will we do all this for the same cost as a quick black and white caricature? No, it costs considerably more. A typical logo project will run $200 to $400. And it's well worth it. Your logo is a very important investment, an image that customers will see and associate with your business for years or decades to come. If you planned on spending pennies on it, rethink your business plan.

What kind of themes can you do in my caricature?
Just about anything you can come up with. Complex themes involving vehicles, cityscapes, or machinery will require you to provide us with photo reference and cost more.

Can you include a pet in our caricature?
Of course! We do charge as much for a pet as we do a human, as we spend as much time on them (often more time!). Pets are beloved members of the family and they have their own individual features to capture, so make sure you send good photos from several angles. Sometimes, however, you can talk us into throwing in a pet as a “freebie” if we’re talking about a hamster or a goldfish!

Has anyone ever gotten mad about their caricature?
Ha! Thankfully, this hardly ever happens. But never say never! Every caricature artist runs the risk of hitting a nerve. We try to minimize chances of this happening by keeping in mind our model (and our audience). Are we drawing a craggy old fellow with a great sense of humor or a shy teenage girl who is sensitive about her ears? At live events it's easy to get a feel for the model as we chat with them, and in doing so, we find out how far we can push it.

Now, after twenty odd years doing this, we do have a couple of good stories about people who were taken unawares and acted out after seeing their picture. One woman (to the great embarrassment of her family) shook the picture angrily as she said "What is this?! It looks like some kind of CARICATURE!" Indeed, hopefully so.


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