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Traditional Color

tradco1For those parties with fewer guests and the time for more detailed caricatures, we offer our simpler color method, which is artstix (a medium similar to colored pencil, but which can be applied in quick swipes, more appropriate for quick live work). This added dimension means each guest will spend 8 to 9 minutes in the chair, and your artist will produce roughly 7 or 8 finished color faces per hour. Still quick enough for spectators to marvel at how quick the drawings are produced, but if your event will have a large number of guests, you might want to consider our standard black and white quick drawings, or hiring multiple artists.

tradco2Each caricature is drawn on 11x17 paper and placed in a plastic sleeve for your guests' convenience.

Our standard non-holiday rate for this service is $120 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. Special rates may be available for multi-artist bookings or full-day events.

tradco3For an additional fee, we can design and pre-print the paper with the date and city of your event, names of the bride and groom or birthday celebrant, or even company logos for trade shows or workplace events.

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