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Hand-Sculpted 3D Statuettes

stud3d1 A caricature sculpture is truly a unique piece of art, something to be appreciated for generations. Celestia Ward has won 1st place in 3D caricature technique three times at the annual convention for the International Society of Caricature Artists, and she taught a seminar on 3D model making for the 2012 ISCA convention. These coveted polymer clay sculptures range from delightful wedding cake toppers to bizarre "pickled punks" in jars of slime. Bas-relief sculptures on wooden plaques are also a popular choice, and they tend to take less studio time than full standing statuettes. Schedule early, as these are labor-intensive and range in price from $200-$500 per person, depending on the complexity of the project. You will be emailed photos of sketches and each stage of production before the clay is hardened.

Please consult with us and we can price your order. Rates vary for sculpted pieces depending on the studio time each requires.

Order Info:
Just call us at 702-296-6792 or email your photos and request to to get the ball rolling. You'll notice we don't have a shopping cart to electronically get your order processed . . . this is because we prefer to give each client personal service. And a five-minute conversation or email exchange can help us determine how to best provide you with a unique piece of art. Also keep in mind that studio work depends highly on the quality of photos, so please pick high-resolution images (photos grabbed from Facebook or other web sources are notoriously low-resolution). Pick a photo with a good expression, as everyone smiles differently, and make sure it's recent!

Please Note: Commercial use and reproduction rights are not granted with purchase of studio gift caricatures. Please contact us for consultation and pricing for caricature-themed logos or work-for-hire projects.

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